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Do you believe in philanthropy?
Text below and image above Sam Treadaway and Ricarda Vidal

A Project by Sam Treadaway and Ricarda Vidal

Revolve: Meditate, Rotate, Muse, Twist, Turn Over In Mind
Revolve:R is a project in visual correspondence, curated by us - Sam Treadaway and Ricarda Vidal - in collaboration with a number of international artists, which culminates in the publishing of a limited edition bookwork. Revolve:R explores the possibilities of an exchange of ideas via a visual and tactile - rather than virtual and digital - form of communication. As site and source of collaborative experimentation for diverse artistic practices, Revolve:R is a vehicle for a new
collective language, made physical in the shape of the Revolve:R bookwork.

How it works:

A group of artists were invited to take part in an exchange of pages, carrying any one or combination of the following: drawing, painting, print-making, photography, collage, or text. All artists initially received a copy of the same page, produced by us, to which they had four weeks in which to respond. When all responses had been received we viewed and discussed the work, noting shared concepts, themes and details that we found particularly interesting. We then produced a new page, our response, in reply to this collection of responses. This page was again sent to all artists. Each cycle of correspondence we call a Revolve. After six revolves all pages are scanned, printed on 150gms paper and bound in a limited edition, bookwork. This we call a Revolve:R.

Why we need your support:

We are now at the stage where we have received all the pages and are ready to produce our book-work. And that is where we need your support! We want to produce a high-quality, hard-cover bookwork in a limited edition of 200 (plus artist prints) and in order to do this we need to raise approximately £6000 to cover the printing, binding and production expenses. A portion of this money will also be allocated for travel, postage and promotion costs, as we will endeavour to promote the Revolve:R bookwork, and the artists featured within, at artist book shops / fairs, exhibitions, and other suitable venues and events.


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